October 21st, 2005

getting by

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It was misting when I took the pup for a walk. There's a stand of poplars across the street from the park that's the most gorgeous gold, all in a bunch, and almost all the sumac by the lake is red now. One of the neighbors' trees along the way has leaves so dark they're that black-burgundy. We scrunched along the unpaved path where you can't see the lake in the summer, but you can now.

I got back to my first rejection on Thermionic Night.

Let me clarify: I got back to a form rejection on TN from an editor who had given me a nice, encouraging personal rejection on Reprogramming, which is a worse book in every regard.

(That is, I assume it was from that editor, as that was the editor the manuscript was addressed to. With a form reject, you never know who's actually clapped eyes on the blessed thing.)

Well. I intended to go to the post office tomorrow morning anyway.