October 4th, 2005


Too early for cheese.

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Right now I have hopes of getting a nap in and being good for something other than a paperweight at some point. Maybe.

Every couple of months, we are required to utter the phrase, "But it's [month]! And this is Minnesota! Why is it [unseasonable weather]?" And the answer is, it always does. There's always a day in January when it thaws or nearly thaws; there's always a day in July when you have to wear a jacket; there's always a day in October when you think, "Maybe if I moved just a little further north, it would never get this @#$&% hot for me again. Like Gjoa Haven. That ought to be far enough. If not, I hear Resolute is lovely this time of year." In some ways it's comforting that this status quo is maintained, but I'll be glad when the maintenance is done for another month or so.
good mris pic

Much better.

I got a nap in this morning already and am doing much better. Seems like time for a list of good things, starting with:

--The dog no longer feels the need to dance on my head every time I lie down. So I can take a nap with my dog. This is cozy.

--The Thai place near us finally became willing to serve markgritter and me dinner again. I think this was the third or fourth time we'd tried them recently, and they'd been closed all the other times. So I have black bean beef leftovers in the fridge, lo, abundantly.

--While I don't usually observe birthdays, I'm listing good things today, and I will note that it's awfully convenient that seagrit did happen to get born, because otherwise I wouldn't have a sister-in-law, and that's the closest thing either of us got to having a sister. Only we just get the fun bits and not the memories of how the other person always got the front seat and popped our balloon that one time.

--I have new pens for marking on manuscripts and index cards. They are not as schmancy and long-term-lovable as my fountain pen, but they are darker colors than my last set, and they're new and shiny, green and red and purple.

--The rest of the forecast for the week here has highs beginning with the number 5, which is a perfectly respectable number for an October high to begin with, even if it does mean the likelihood of picnics for me just now is rather small.

--Cool showers. I have become more fond of hot showers than I was as a kid/teenager, but I still like cool showers best when the weather permits them.

--And: L'shanah tovah and Ramadan mubarak, folks. I really love living in a city where the article about the coincidence of holidays has a picture of Jewish and Muslim girls standing around talking and laughing.

What's your good stuff for the day?