August 24th, 2005

taking a break

Have No Fear!

I found a safety pin and managed to wrestle my purple wrap dress into submission with it. It looks to me like the sort of dress a superhero circa 1980 would wear out in the evening as her mild-mannered disguise over her superhero bra and panties, like if you cast Topol as one of the sidekicks in her movie nobody would be surprised. The safety pin is allegedly to keep the other theater-goers from seeing more of my bra than they perhaps wanted, but really it's there so if a supervillain shows up, I am not tempted to fling off my dress, throw back my shoulders, and declare that the said supervillain has met his match, for the Great ComplicaTOR is here. Some other superhero can cover this one. That safety pin was hard to get placed right, and I'm supposed to be taking it easy.

I do wonder what kind of supervillain crashes a Somerset Maugham play.

I suspect that getting dressed is less complicated for other people.