June 25th, 2005


Week of June 19-25

Two rejections, two sales. To my way of thinking, that's a decent week for short stories.

I'm feeling better, though still not up to par, today. Having oatmeal for breakfast and warm tomato basil soup with melted Parmesan for lunch has helped. The plan for dinner is Kraft dinner. Mmmmmm, radioactive cheese powder. (I know it's not the same thing as real macaroni and cheese. It's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be Kraft dinner.) The last of my T3 is starting to wear off, so it'll be Advil from here, and I think Advil will be just fine.

kythiaranos's comment about not keeping the teeth reminded me of one of my favorite stories of my Gran. (Gran was my great-grandmother, Grandpa's mom.) The year she was 90 or 91, she had two surgeries. The first was a double radical mastectomy (which for a woman like my Gran meant radical -- she was one of those little old Norwegian ladies who's half boob by mass), and the second was cataract removal. They sent her home from the cataract surgery with her cataracts in a jar, and she took them out of the fridge to show us, marveling at what she'd been trying to see through. "Hey Gran," I said, "why didn't they give you the results of your last surgery?" She grinned: "Oh yes, honey! I could have had them bronzed and hung them in the living room!"

I loved my Gran so much. I still miss her.