June 23rd, 2005


Day after

Well, it could be worse.

I'm still taking the T3, and the codeine has me a little mellower. Not much mellower, I hasten to add: of the last three books I've picked up, I flung two down in a fit of pique and spent the other rolling my eyes and thinking, "This is not a novel. It has to say 'a novel' on the cover, because otherwise you'd never know it wasn't a boring, themeless memoir." (But it was a boring, themeless, memoirish novel about the Winter War, so you see why I read it.) I have now picked up The Whim of the Dragon and am settling in making snurfling noises with it. And 15 minutes of ice on my face, and 15 minutes off. This shapes a person's day rather clearly. You can lie reading and moving the ice off and on and off again, and that's no problem, but you can't type in the "on" bits unless you're extremely good at doing it one-handed, and you can't do much else of length requiring two hands. I expect to shower in my next "15 off" cycle. I wouldn't be so stuck on doing it this way if it didn't so clearly provide relief: my jaw hurts considerably less with the ice on it, but my face starts to hurt from cold after too long. So it's a good cycle, really.

The only culinary failure so far: creme caramel yogurt is actually not a very good idea. At least not for feeding Mrissas. Apparently caramel and yogurt are things I like separately. Now we know. gaaldine's dill bell pepper soup is most excellent cold, which is a good thing, as I am not allowed hot things until Saturday.

My watch has stopped. Bother. But we have clocks all over the house, so not too much bother.

Be entertaining! I can read lj one-handed.


What I really want for dinner is pizza, and carrots, and potato chips with French onion dip.

(I don't eat potato chips with French onion dip above twice a year, if that. Still.)

What I'm going to have for dinner is lovely chilled bell pepper soup with dill, well-seasoned and with the look of confetti about it.

I should not feel like whining about this.