June 20th, 2005

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Comparing Apples and Curries

My kitchen still smells of curry this morning from the apple crab curry soup I made last night for dinner. markgritter, timprov, and C.J. decided they'd share my soup odyssey just this once, and it was a moderate success pointing the direction for a smashing success. So I annotated the recipe extensively to make it go better next time, and I posted the link to it on my recipe page, and now I'm pointing to it for those of you who might like to know.

I woke up with aching hands and a brain fidgeting to get to revisions on "Singing Them Back" in order to be done with them for the time being and get to revisions on Thermionic Night. This may not prove to be the most congenial recipe for a day, but I'll see what can be done with it.
writing everywhere

YA vs. Adult (Made Simple)

sartorias was talking about the boundaries between YA and adult fiction, and I have a very easy answer.

In the early drafts of YA novels, the characters sigh all the time.
In the early drafts of grown-up novels, the characters twitch all the time, mostly about the lips.

No, obviously this cannot just be me; my experiences are universal, aren't they?

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