June 15th, 2005


AAICILJ: soft things

That's "advice" rather than "knowledge."

I keep thinking I should eat really crunchy things while I still can. But it turns out I already don't want them; my wisdom teeth are making my mouth sore. I don't actually want to eat much, and I don't intend to subsist on ice cream for a fortnight. Anybody have good suggestions (possibly with recipes?) for soft smooshy food? Soups? Something?

The next book I write

Chapter One

And they all died fiery deaths.


There, now, wasn't that easier?

Don't mind me, I'm just tired and daunted.

And this is my new random silliness icon: M'ris With Stone Hippo Rampant. (I'm picking through old photos for icons when I have the chance. I have 100 of them, I might as well enjoy some.)