June 9th, 2005


Rejected rejection letters, part 13.

I really, really hate being falsely corrected.

This time it was a rejection letter that noted that "the herding nomads of the region generally referred to as Lappland refer to themselves as Saami, and for verisimilitude, we should do the same, rather than using the term 'Lapps.'" Fair enough.

Except that: 1) I used the term Saamemaa for formerly-known-as-Lappland, indicating that I know my shit, thanks, and 2) having a non-Saami refer to a Saami in a derogatory way as a Lapp -- especially in a pre-contemporary setting -- does not in the slightest lack verisimilitude. Yes, it's a derogatory term. It's used in a derogatory way in the story. It's used to indicate that a character has no respect for another character without even knowing him and is being incredibly rude. In fact, it would be anachronistic to have a generic non-Saami use the proper term unless they were unusually close to and/or respectful of Saami culture, up until not too long ago.

This doesn't mean they should have bought the story. It was not for them; fine. But I hate knee-jerk responses like this that don't take into account context or characterization. And One Does Not argue with a rejection letter, particularly if one intends to submit to that market again, so instead I sigh: SIGH. Come on, people. I know it feels good to be the biggest geek on the block for half a minute, but can you pay attention to the story?

Otherwise a good day. Wore my favorite orange skirt (love the skirt), got pizza with dd_b, watched "Bob Roberts" with timprov. Um. He's building up a collection of dark comedies, and this one made me skittery and brought up stuff from "Desert Storm." It made me laugh, but often in a not particularly happy way. Still recommended, though.