June 1st, 2005


No price tag = free.

In my family, we had an old joke, one that was no longer funny (if in fact it had ever been funny). Whenever something lacked a price tag, we all chirp happily that it must be free. Only today at Byerly's, it happened. The sour cabbage had no price tag on it, and the clerk sent the bagger running around the store looking for a tag, and when he was unable to find one, the store manager determined that it was entirely too long to keep a customer waiting and gave it to me for free. Wheee!

And hey, a sour cabbage! timprov has been sad for at least two years now (and possibly up to seven) about his inability to find sour cabbages to make cabbage rolls with, and now here it is, and if he's not feeling up to it, I will make him cabbage rolls with our free cabbage, and they will have tomato sauce and sour cream, and they will be a happy, happy thing, and we may even do plum buns and palacsinta that same night just to make it a theme. It's a good theme, I think. Any of you Twin Cities area people who like E. European foods, they have sour cabbage at the Eagan Byerly's this week. They may even have it at your Byerly's/Lund's. There's an easy way to find out.

I'm excited about cooking again. For awhile I was in something of a cooking dolrums, and I don't like that. Now I'm making fun things, shish kabobs tonight and stuffed salmon tomorrow (with fresh dill and yellow tomato wedges) and who knows what else, and that's just the cooking, not even counting the baking. I'm in an exuberant mood today. Food is not all of it, but it's a good chunk.

I started going through Midnight Sun Rising this morning. MSR is the third book in the series with Thermionic Night and Sampo. It may stand on its own. It may not. It will certainly be enriched by the presence of the other two books, but I have strong suspicions that it can do without them. It is not finished yet, not even drafted. And the bits that are written were written on the theory that it would be part three of a rather larger book, meaning that I couldn't develop some things and didn't have to explain others. Now I have to do both, get to do both, whichever. So as I'm reading through, I'm putting notes in: "mention Karl previous trip to Finland," "how did Avery meet Riina?", that kind of thing. I'm not sure it'll be the book I finish next, but it's been interesting to poke it with a sufficiently long stick and see how it goes, and I'm going to keep poking for awhile. It might have worked out the way I was trying to write it before, as a portion of a book, but I think it'll work much, much better as its very own book with a little more elbow room. More interesting things will happen. Also I will have to decide how overt I want to be about at least two touchy issues. I think it will mostly be a question of how much they will illuminate or detract from major plot points and ideas. I can't tell yet. Maybe I won't be able to tell for awhile now. We'll see.

After supper I will make cherry chocolate scones. I will scowl thoughtfully at present possibilities for Father's Day and my dad's birthday. I will mend my shirt, as that is the one thing from yesterday's list that did not happen yesterday. This seems reasonable. Until then, the poking.

So that you can mock me later.

I've gone over what I've got on Midnight Sun Rising so far, and it's looking pretty good. I think it's fairly well in hand: lots of words yet to write, but structurally pretty sound. Does not look like it will be much of a headache compared to its two predecessors. Most major points clear in my head.

All right, there it is, on the internet, dated and time-stamped. You may refer back here when the wailing and the gnashing of the teeth begins, in order to taunt me most effectively with my famous last words.