May 24th, 2005


Note to aspiring writers

The fundamental constants of the universe apply to human beings. AAAAAARGH. If the premise of your book involves a change in the electroweak force, human beings will be affected. If they are not, you are dealing with something supernatural or at least extranatural on an extremely large and invasive level, and some sign that you, the author, recognize that might be a good freakin' idea.

We have understood bits of science in chunks that are much more separate than the science itself is. The things that make our brains work and the things that make our motors and generators and gunpowder work are not separable things.

I don't care how Karelian your main character is if you don't understand that "science" cannot be turned off in convenient chunks. My Finnophile self is so very trumped by Marissa Lingen, Girl Physicist, who does not live very far under the surface and has been around much, much longer. ML,GP: coming up on 18 years now. Finnophile: 4 years. You cannot bribe me to look away from your total idiocy with a nice, shiny puukko.

You have been in this field too long not to know the phrases "strong anthropic principle" and "weak anthropic principle" and how they might work in reverse.



Sometimes I have reactions like I did just a minute ago and think, do I hate everything? And then I think, No. Just everything stupid.

I've been reacting that way more lately, though, and I'm not sure I'm entirely pleased with it.

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Non-Novel Gazing readers: I have pictures in today's entry. They include pictures of me wearing two of my three elisem necklaces, "Remember What You Say In Dreams III" and "At the Sign of the Fish and Amulet." Sparklies.

We officially have enough positive RSVPs that I have stopped worrying about the "nobody will come" segment of party-planning and started worrying about the "and there won't be enough to eat" segment. One drawback of having a party on a Sunday in Minnesota is that if one runs out of alcoholic beverages, one can't go get more. We have tried to make sure that will not happen. My kitchen is full of beer. (Well, and cider and Mike's and some wine.) I think markgritter uses parties as an excuse to get a wide variety of beers. I would. I'm also convinced that I need another dessert now, and I'm not sure what it should be. Vegan-friendly fruit crisp and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting seemed like they were pretty complementary. I'm not sure what else goes with them. It's likely to be a strawberry-something crisp, because strawberries are really good right now, so I don't want to do strawberry lemon cheesecake bars or strawberry shortcake. I'd like it to be something sturdy, too, something I can whip up in not too long and plunk down on the counter and let people serve themselves, not something that requires my attention to be served. Bombers? Banana bars? Scotcheroos? I don't know. I was thinking maybe peanut butter fudge, because that would be gluten-free for those who need it, but fudge is really more...a dessert garnish, I guess. Dessert ornamentation. I will give the recipe box a stern poking and see what comes out.

But not until I'm done with the stern poking this story gets. I strongly suspect that my brain is only yearning after short stories because it has permission to work on Thermionic Night revisions. Still, I'll take it.