April 8th, 2005



Dear birds:

I realize that it's spring and you would like to sing to greet the sun. That being the case, can you wait until sometime near sunrise? When markgritter is arriving at the airport, I do not show up shouting, "HI MARK! HI MARK! HI MARK!" (or, probably more accurately for birds this time of year, "TIME TO SCREW! TIME TO SCREW!") two hours in advance. Or even when he's arriving, really. Take a note. AND STOP WAKING ME UP.

Hugs and kisses,

Puppy Update

"When are you going to get a puppy?" has joined "When is Mark's defense?" and "When are you going to have a book published?" on my list of questions I wish people would stop asking me. (I understand why people keep asking. I just really wish they wouldn't. I will let you know. I don't tend to hide information like this.)

But in the interests of getting people to stop asking, I thought I'd better share what information I have, now that I know more. Some of my grandmother's friends knew two reputable breeders, and Grandma got their numbers for us. I called them tonight. The first one was, shall we say, not the experience I'd been hoping for:
"May I speak with Rosemary, please?"
"Oh, she's passed away."
"Oh I'm so sorry! Oh! I'm so sorry!"
"Yah, 'bout a year ago now."
So I explained that I had been given her name as a dog breeder, and that if they were continuing to do that...no. No they weren't. They did have another name of someone who was, so I wrote that down as a backup and went on.

The second person I talked to said that she didn't have any puppies right this minute, but she expected new ones to be born in another week or two, and she can call and let me know what the sexes and colors are when the puppies come, and then if I'm interested, she can let me know when the puppies are old enough to meet people and maybe go home with somebody.

So we will wait and see what we hear on these puppies. And maybe they will be my puppy, and maybe they won't, but it will be worth finding out. And we know people who have a puppy from this breeder, and they say she's salt of the earth and wonderful with the dogs, so that's one less thing to worry about.

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I liked it better when people were making up their own Unitarian Jihad names.

It has been -- I am just typing this sentence in an e-mail, and it is true, so I'm putting it here -- a rocky night to be a Mrissa. I am extremely aware of how much worse other people have it. Nevertheless.

Nothing particular has gone wrong. I just want to call it quits on today and get a new day to work with.