March 31st, 2005


Canada and hiking and jobs and stuff

We tried Dragon Palace near us for dinner. B. and K., I know you said you were pretty much set for South section restaurant reviews for awhile, and I have to say: good. Because if you weren't, Dragon Palace would be of no help to you. This place is not what we call good. At all. (greatestofnates introduced us to someone who knew what the specialty dish was for approximately every Chinese restaurant around, which was useful in its own way, but we want a restaurant where we can order more than one thing, so it wasn't optimally useful. And we don't have her number to bother her all the time anyway.)

While I was up at Blaisdell Poly this afternoon, I got more questions in my inbox. I'm going to answer ladysea's first, before I wander off and do more stuff away from the computer.

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