March 30th, 2005


More questions

Same deal: five questions. Ask or be asked. These are from dichroic:

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It's rainy here today, and I have mumble-hundred pages more book to read before I type stuff in and send it off to alpha-readers. And I didn't actually do much laundry yesterday, and there's an errand list and so on. So. I'll probably be posting to lj several more times today in an attempt to procrastinate.

Twice five

Just a note before I get to songwind's questions: I called my state rep, and I'd advise you other Minnesotans to do the same. The magic information on how to contact your own rep is here. They're voting on HF6, which is an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. Didn't we already go through this and they lost? Yes. Yes, we did. But apparently we're going through it again. If you feel strongly about this, call and tell them that intrusive discrimination is not the Minnesotan way. I have no faith whatsoever that my rep will listen (I voted for the other lady), but I want to do my part to give them a twinge of conscience when they try to claim this is what their constituents really want. Also, even the wrong rep can make the right choice sometimes. It can't hurt. It took me less than five minutes.

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I believe that's it for people asking me questions so far. If you want to do so and haven't, go on ahead.