March 29th, 2005


Last bits

Panel and official activities report from Minicon went up on novel_gazing, but I'm not sure how soon the feed will update. These things are not up to me.

I didn't get it posted yesterday because my lunch plans turned into an expedition to Minnehaha Falls, and going with the minnehahas to the Falls seemed like a good thing, and even if they hadn't been going, I love the Falls and taking new people there. So off we went. (And I forgot to give you your tin and that book, carbonel, so I suppose you're stuck seeing me or someone else from my household at some point. Oh, the wailing and the gnashing of the teeth.) And then after that we needed groceries, and then we needed to cook, and then we hadn't seen CJ in awhile and kind of wanted to catch up and hang out, and all of a sudden I was ready to fall over and catch up on sleep. I think I'm almost caught up.

I had a bad hosiery experience Saturday morning (not catastrophic: it was while I was still home and could just put on different interesting stockings, which I did). I whined to more than one person about it. The tights in question claimed they went down to 4'11" and 100#, and I'm a fair bit bigger than that, and yet the tights did not touch my ankles for a good inch or two around the ankle. They were a baggy tube. Not really the look I was going for, but they were expensive tights (Dayton's, not my usual Target stuff), and I don't really want to throw them away, but I also don't know how to go around to my friends going, "Hey, um, are you in the size range for these tights but thicker-ankled than me?" I am not twig-legged. I am Norwegian. Even the skinniest Norwegians have these weird things in their legs called muscles. So I don't know who these were made for. I think the tights are going to some charity. Maybe porphyrin's teenagers; I'm going to give them some books, I think, and I might as well put the tights in and see if they make somebody else smile.

Anyway, I dressed myself this weekend on the theory that if half my clothing has to be black (because I hate pastels), I'm at least going to have good jewelry and stockings. I was surprised at how much people notice cool stockings. Two of the three necklaces I wore were elisem's, so I wasn't at all surprised that people recognized them and commented (and also liked the one you gave me at WorldCon, porphyrin), but I didn't know hosiery would get as much response as that.

I'm going to go discuss the vital question of who fetches the pizza with markgritter, since that is the gourmet treat for tonight's dinner. Then more book, more laundry, probably more lj, you lucky, lucky mortals, you.

copperwise asks

markgritter went for the pizza, and my brain is revolting on the question of working on the book. So it's time once again for the five questions meme! You all know how this goes, right? You can ask me five questions in a comment, or I'll ask you five questions if you want me to. Whether or not you've done this before and whether or not you know me well, ask away, or be asked.

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Okay, people, help me out here. Page 60 of my manuscript. You're driving up to a mansion or, heck, a hotel or something. You pull under the sheltering thinger you can drive through, and it's open to the air on the sides but covered on the top. What's it called?

ETA: Got it, thanks cakmpls and timprov: portico or porte cochere.

I don't think mansions have carports, folks. I think tract homes have carports.