March 23rd, 2005

good mris pic

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PSA I shouldn't have to make: If you see someone whose grocery cart outweighs her, and she is having great and obvious difficulty wrestling the cart into submission, do not stand there and gape like a yokel. HOW MANY TIMES MUST I SAY THIS? She is not performing physical comedy for your entertainment. She is attempting to get her groceries to her car. Either help her, morons, or go about your business.


I was wondering why it is that we always need water softener salt when I go to the store alone, and it hit me that I do the vast majority of our grocery shopping alone these days. It was not always this way. In Concord, markgritter often went with me, and so did timprov. In Hayward, mostly just timprov. Now just me. If we move again, apparently nobody will do our grocery shopping. Hmmm. While it has its disadvantages....

Anyway, I picked up another printer, and I will be installing it in a bit. First I'm going to roast a couple of red peppers for tonight's quesadillas and call to see if I can get a massage and finish reading Checkmate. It's amazing how much the weight of six long books piles on one ending. I almost didn't want the clerk to check out my stuff at Target so I could read just a leeeeettle bit more.

Anybody know of a charity that takes damaged computer parts and redoes them for worthy groups?