March 13th, 2005

good mris pic


The Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Company's webpage is here. They're doing "Princess Ida" next year. I've never seen "Princess Ida" and don't know what it's about, but we'll probably go, based on "The Gondoliers."

The scorecard said that "The Gondoliers" was not very popular in the US initially, and while I enjoyed it, I can see why: for one thing, it mocks republican ideals (note the little-r), and while G&S plays mock whatever comes their way, I can see how the Queen's Navy or the House of Peers would be a lot more comfortable objects of mockery for Americans at the time than republican/egalitarian sentiments. Also, there are three sets of young leads, rather than one, with no reduction in supporting cast to accompany it, so instead of one leading soprano you effectively need three. If you were putting on that kind of play in a small community, that would be more of a problem. GSVLOC seemed to do a good job of drawing in talent, so I had no complaints with any of the casting.

Sometimes we were the only ones laughing at the funny bits. I don't know if the rest of the audience didn't get them or got them but didn't like them, but it did seem like a waste of good funny bits.

Last night my dreams were a livejournal fest: stillsostrange and I were looking for buymeaclue and leahbobet and pameladean, and tanaise was going around in some assigned and official mischief-maker role, giggling a lot, and I never did get any French fries. Which is just as well, because upon waking I can't think why I would have wanted any. (I did have champ and Guinness gravy last night, though. Mmmmmm. And vol au vent, and every time I have vol au vent, I think I should learn to make it myself. And half a piece of their Bushmill's cheesecake, happily split with markgritter.)

I'm reading Dorothy Dunnett's The Ringed Castle now, and I'm afraid it's about to eat my head.

Foolish auntie

Tonight I taught Roo the game where he points the "ray gun" we hang on the fridge* at me, and it makes its ray gun noises and lights up, and I fall down making exaggerated noises.

Foolish, foolish auntie. This game is infinitely funny. My only line of defense was to just fail to get up when he tugged on my finger after awhile. "Missa! Get up!"

I am doomed.

I had something more coherent to say about picking up and putting down books, but I think it can wait for a time when I have not recently had a glass of pinot grigio and then repeatedly gotten up and fallen down.

*Because gaaldine gave it to me for random moments of whimsy