March 6th, 2005

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Well, I had a good time at ladysea's birthday party. I was the only one from my household who made it, and I almost forgot her present and also almost got hit by an elderly driver who had not spotted the lane markings on Duckwood, but once I was there, I got my lap held down by one or more puppies and got to hear Mr. Spud marvel at the balloons ("Ball? Ball? More? Ball?") and generally had fun.

I read my tenth Ellis Peters/Edith Pargeter book today, to go back to that meme. It was Dead Man's Ransom, and it was a fine example of its type. Now I'm on to sartorias's Wren's Quest. For some reason I'm on a short book kick in the last few days. I'm waiting for Connor to turn more people into turtles. That's what I really want out of this book: turtles. We'll see if I get it.

I'm planning to talk to my parents and go get my back fixed (the massage kind this time, not the chiropractor kind) and maybe run an errand with the timprov if he's feeling up to it. markgritter is, despite what he will tell you, sick. I managed to dodge T's last cold, so let's see if I can dodge two in a row.

My book was remarkably well-behaved yesterday. I'm growing increasingly suspicious of its good behavior. I suspect that this means that the revisions I'm making are making things worse, not better. I guess we'll find out later.

I think I found Web of Angels more satisfying than a lot of cyberish things because I find Mr. Ford's points of conflict with The System -- with systems in general -- a lot more compelling than I find most of the cyberpunk rebellion ideas that came after him, and because there was more than that to it.

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Grumpy questions

Does it count as breaking your day off rule if you throw a page-long fictional temper tantrum?

Does it count less if it's ink in your journal instead of typed?

How about if you've never seen hide nor hair of these characters before in your life?

What's the proper course of action if you did break the day off rule?

Are you allowed to fictionally snuggle up to Pamela while yelling at Madeleine L'Engle? Or is that just wrong somehow? (Actually this last one was just in place to try to get me to stop singing "Girl Inside My Head," because of the line, "There's only four things running through my mind." Not that it's not exactly what my brain was off doing without me, but I don't think I'm going to rip the page out of the journal if you say it's just wrong somehow.)

The minute I'm done revising this book, I'm going to write something YA. Not a whole something, necessarily. But something.