February 19th, 2005


They're singing our songs.

My hands smell like lemons, and my house smells like lemon bars. I begin to think I should have cleaned the bathrooms before instead of after doing the baking, so my hands could keep the residual lemon smell more strongly than the residual cleaning product smell. Ah well. (Yes, I'll be washing my hands on more than one occasion and showering. The Nose knows the difference.)

I haven't slipped on many of my schedule items for this crazy week. I didn't make it to the office supply store, so that got stuck on next week's list. I don't have all of the food yet, and the house is not yet cleaned. I haven't talked to Andrew, so I don't know what the deal is for this afternoon, and if he doesn't call in the next half hour, I'm calling him. If I have his folks' new number. Oh dear. Hmm.

All fussing aside, I've been singing "Much madness is divinest sense" to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" all morning and thinking of Michelle. I've heard lots of reference to romantic couples having songs that were "theirs," but I have songs that make me think of my friends for various reasons. Michelle has lots and lots of them, even if you count "the entire works of Emily Dickinson sung to the tune of the Yellow Rose of Texas" as one. (She shares it with her spousal Scott.) Jen The World's Best Lab Partner has a handful, "Mr. Jones and Me" and "Let's Go Back to Bed" or some such, which is entirely inappropriate for our platonic straight-girl friendship except for the one line, "You drink your coffee with sugar and cream, I'll drink my decaf herbal tea," because I lived on herbal tea in college and Jen couldn't have gotten by without her coffee with sugar and cream. Well, creamer. Still. And then there was Anaïs Nin in the next line ("And you can be Henry Miller, and I'll be Anaïs Nin"), and I'd been reading a bit of Nin that year, some of which I read out to Jen when we went to the Coffee Hag and read things to each other. So we would sing that song at each other and laugh at all the ways it wasn't us. Also because of the Hag, Jen has the Crash Test Dummies song with the line, "Afternoons will be measured out with coffee spoons and TS Eliot," because I read her Eliot, too, that year. Oh, and Jen has "Go My Children" or "All Through the Night" or whatever the name of it is, I'll mangle the Welsh if I try to spell it, because whenever I hear it, I hear her voice singing it in my head.

Dammit. I was already missing Michelle and alecaustin more than usual, having heard from them both lately, and now I get to miss Jen without even hearing from her. That doesn't seem fair somehow.

Anyway, what I want to know is, do you have songs for your friends? Do you have "our song" from relationships? Or are songs one thing and people another and nary the twain shall etc.? Do you have songs that are really inappropriate but "belong to" someone anyway?

Back to cleaning.

Week of February 13-19

One rejection. That's all.

Andrew has come and gone. I remembered to tell him I wrote "Swimming Back from Hell by Moonlight" for him, and he was pleased and astonished (and wanted to read it, so I e-mailed it to him while I still remembered). I'm a little afraid of it now. I'm afraid I got it wrong in ways that only Andrew would know. But I think it'll be all right; I think he'll know how to take it. About half the stories I've written for people have been yelling-at stories. Those are much easier. This one is kind of an "I'm glad there's you" story, or maybe more "I'm glad there's still you," and that's hard. (Hey, leahbobet, did I send you this one? It's for you, too, but totally differently. Although I am glad there's you, too, it's more a "thanks for the thing that got it started" for than a "speaking from my heart to you" for.) (I think I may have lost all grammar in that sentence. Sigh.)

greykev's flight was slightly early. We've been hanging out here since Andrew left. I probably should have done some house-ish things this evening, but I didn't, and I'm not going to start now. So we can just all deal with that fact, I guess. Tomorrow.

And it's been snowing for me. Probably at the least convenient time it could have snowed lately, but it's lovely anyway. Snow!