February 12th, 2005


Week of February 6-12

Three rejections.

And also, I hate the flu. No one here has it. But we all resent its existence anyway. So I don't know what we're doing for dinner this evening, because of the stupid much-resented flu. Harumph.

I think anything else I could say here would be not only cranky (which you guys seem to deal with just fine) but also boring. Sorry.
good mris pic


Just thought I'd say I'm in a better mood now. At least one of you was concerned. Don't be.

I finished the read-through on Thermionic Night. Doesn't mean I'm done -- oh, heck no, I have a big stack of index cards yet to go, and a bunch of sheer typing for the changes I have already made. But I've read it straight through once. Despite my revision-inspired crankiness, this is a cheerful thing: it's feeling more like a book with some missing bits than an irredeemably bad and senseless book in my head, now that I've read the whole thing. timprov keeps reminding me that there's a big difference between a bad book and an unfinished book. This may be the unfinished version of what is ultimately a bad book. Right now I don't think so, though. It seems like it should be obvious that that's a good thing.

There are more things towards the end of the book that I just got plain wrong the first time through. This is to be expected. What's a little strange is that my internal reaction to some of the wrong-er bits is, "That never happened!" Well, no, but....