January 7th, 2005

good mris pic


I almost lost another contact lens. Since that would be the second in about three months and also the second in fourteen years of wearing contacts, I am mightily relieved that markgritter found it for me, reminding me once again that I keep him around for more than decoration.

I'm not feeling very fabulous today, but I'm hoping it's the kind of non-fabulous that goes away soon if you pamper it. I have a hierarchy of things to wear when sick. It goes like this:

Too sick to stand up for a five-minute shower*. Wearing whatever pajamas I put on before falling over. This is very rare.

Fresh jammies after the shower. This is giving in entirely to The Sick. But sometimes it's just the best thing. In the winter, plaid Portuguese flannel. In the summer, cotton washed into oblivion.

Sick Clothes. I'm wearing sick clothes today. They're composed of geeky T-shirts, leggings (which I haven't worn for five years at least and didn't wear much as outerwear even then), and large fuzzy things over top, flannel shirts or old tatty sweaters or something. Slippers. No bra, because any activity requiring support is too much time vertical.** All garments chosen for individual comfort rather than because they come anywhere near matching each other. While sick clothes would not get me arrested in public, I don't wear them out of the house, and if someone who counts as people*** is coming into the house, I'd change out of sick clothes.

Sick But Stubborn Clothes. Jeans, baggy warm tops, things I can wear to Byerly's if everyone else is sick or out of town or something and I absolutely have to go to Byerly's.

I'm Not Sick Dammit Clothes. My normal clothes worn at an inappropriate time. Usually more form-fitting and/or revealing. Often in colors that look lovely when I'm well and emphasize the three-days-dead nature of Norwegian-girl-skin when sick.

What do you wear when you're sick?

*And I hate baths. HATE. Baths feel like punishment to me. They're like naps in that you're supposed to lie very still in the middle of the day and not do anything. With no one to talk to and nothing to read lest you drop it in the tub. Ick. And they're unlike naps in that naps, despite all their other flaws, do not get progressively colder unless something is very wrong.

**For those of you who don't know, I get dizzy easily when sick. Or when not sick, actually. I can mostly predict when I'm going to fall over these days, so I sit down or lie down and try to avoid it as best I can. Still, if you're with me in person and I say that I'm dizzy, please take it seriously. Do not just let me fall and gape like a fish like certain high school friends not on this friendslist once did.

***Generally it is a good thing not to count as people, but it has its disadvantages. Being greeted with eye-searing combinations of sickwear, for example. I managed to combine olive green, bright-bright orange, cherry red, black, and navy in a particularly comfortable set of sick clothes last winter. If I'm still icky tomorrow, I'll probably wear exactly that, because it was just right. But hideous, my land, hideous.