December 7th, 2004

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Food sigh

Theoretically I should be able to cook with no tomatoes, no potatoes, and no mushrooms. Right? Sure. This makes sense. This is not a problem. Right? I am a resourceful person. I can do this.

It's not that I can't come up with any recipes that don't contain potatoes, tomatoes, or mushrooms. It's that either we had them last week (and still have leftovers in the fridge) or they just don't sound good. And I don't have anything deeply interesting in the fridge/pantry to distract from the lack of mushrooms. And tomatoes and potatoes. Helllllllp.

The printer decided to start whining and stinking last night after I went to bed. timprov let it cool down, and that seems to have worked all right. We hope. I'm going to unplug it before I go out today, just in case.

I'm listening to yhlee's cheerful mix CD (thanks, Yoon!), and I'm going to go downstairs and roll Frangelico truffles any minute now, as soon as they've warmed enough (they were in the fridge overnight). I'm in Christmas mode, which is awfully full of errands and chores but also of fun stuff, so I'm not complaining. I woke up in high gear this morning, plenty to get done before I have lunch with dd_b. So off I go.
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Eight-track mind again

Sometimes it's a little weird living in here. I read the newspaper and see that Finnish 15-year-olds scored second-highest in the world in math, and I think, "Well, of course; it's Jatta Vaara's attempts to regroup after the end of Midnight Sun Rising." Do I really think that's what's factually going on? No. But I've gotten so used to working things into this fantasy series that it no longer particularly seems like work any more. There's permanently another track going, and occasionally I just have to stop and reiterate (just for sanity's sake) that none of these people are externally real.

On another note, will anything particularly bad happen to rum balls if you make them with the really strong rum?
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Oh woe, oh alack, oh despair.

Why is my life full of interesting people who say smart things and make me think about them so then I have ways to make my books suck less?

Wailie wailie. Poooooooor little me.

(Yes, dd_b, I'm talking about you, but I'm afraid it's also a more general problem. Sniffle. Sob.)

I had a moment while driving this afternoon when not only the penny dropped, but the whole bank did. This is not entirely conducive to driving, but very conducive to books, and all ended well for both me and the car.