October 29th, 2004


Two morning things

1. I have misjudged the opening time of the massage place. It opens at 9:00, not 8:00. Ah well. One will get by for another hour, drinking the last of the white cranberry peach juice and perhaps reading a bit more of Moonwise.

2. I got lefse spam in my inbox this morning. Lefse spam. From Colorado. Let's think about that, shall we? I own a lefse roller and a lefse turner. I live in the Promised Land. And I should order lefse from Colorado? Um, no. No, and also no.

Still, lefse spam. It was kind of neat.

Unlike spam lefse, which is horrible beyond anything I want to contemplate.

(no subject)

Having gotten the planned massage, I'm now in that strange state where the muscle knots have been eased, but the back has not been realigned. Something is definitely out of whack back there. (I know which something, too; this has happened to me before.) Nothing actually hurts again yet -- hasn't had the time -- but something feels quite definitely wrong. So it's off to the chiropractor for me, but not until Monday at the soonest (my chiropractor was closed today, so I don't know when I'll be able to get an appointment).

Worked on stories, had lunch and conversation with seagrit. Have a longish post in mind but will not get there from here any time soon. Am very glad to be getting markgritter back tonight.