September 30th, 2004


Motherly suggestion

My mom thinks "Ris To the Rescue!" would be a great name for a children's action series. The sigh.

What do you do with heavy whipping cream? I mean, other than making whipped cream out of it. I got some for the wild rice pudding, and it was a good thing, but it was only 1/3 c., and that leaves significant cream in the carton. I could just offer whipped cream on the apple crisp I'm making on the occasion of matastas's visit (speak now if you hate apples, boyo). I don't know, though. It seems like there ought to be something I often don't make because I don't have the cream for it but could make now, but I don't know what that would be.

I will also be making apple bread in mass quantities soon, with hazelnuts or walnuts or pecans or no nuts at all. If you're local and want some, speak up with your nutty preference. I'll be making bunches, so it's just a matter of whether you get any or not, not a matter of whether I make more. It freezes well.

I think now is time to poke dlandon and yhlee's kind suggestions on the beginning of Fortress of Thorns -- the sort of things that can make a difference with one or two lines here or there. All subtle-like. And then all the other things on my list will have to wait while I finish Orvokki telling Edward the story of the original Sampo. Since she started in the last book, it's about time she finishes, I think.

Since I am no longer cramping like a beast, I will not be growling quite so much at the world at large. As representatives of the world at large, you may breathe a collective sigh of relief.
good mris pic

Undebated priorities

Entirely unstarted: 31, 52, 62, 65.
Started but unfinished: 30, 34, 47, 48, 53, 54, 58, 59, 61, 63.

So, instead of watching the presidential un-debates (this seems relevant, link from columbina), I worked on the book some more. My hands are making icky crackling noises when I flex them. I'm not going to work on the book again until after dinner tomorrow. I'm going to do things and go places and see people, and if they have anything to do with the book, it will be my own fault, but it will not involve typing.

There was a bit of Kalevala reference for Chapter 61, and the 19th century intrusion into the older texts amused the heck out of me:
"Then old Väinämöinen uttered these words:
'No Lapp will enchant me, no Finnmark Lapp exert pressure on me.
'God has control of the weather, the Creator holds the keys of good fortune,
they are not under the arm of a wizard, not on the fingertip of a malefic person.'"
Which is fine...except that Louhi and Väinämöinen have been battling with wind and wave for pages and pages now. So clearly they were under the arm of a wizard, until the piety of the time intervened conveniently to resolve the situation. Silly silly.