September 28th, 2004


Disgusting Stuff At My House and Yours

markgritter made Soup That Smells Nasty for lunch today. It had been ages since he'd last made it, and I was okay with that, but now the weather is inching towards fall, which means more STSN for the foreseeable future.

Tonight I'm making asparagus (roasted, with garlic, mmmmmm) because C.J. will not be here for dinner. If he was here every single night, I'd get to the point where I said, "Well, tough; the rest of us like asparagus, so you can dig carrots out of the veggie bin or frozen peas out of the freezer or make yourself a salad or whatever." (Anyone who doesn't get their RDA of fruit and veggies in this house is a total hoser and not even trying.) But he doesn't eat here every night, so it's easy enough to make sure asparagus is around when he isn't.

The problem with STSN is that it doesn't actually make me ill, so I don't feel it would be reasonable to ask him not to make it. There are things I will ask him and timprov not to make because the smell of it will put me off food for days. timprov also has a few quirky ones -- my poached pears in white wine, for example, will put him off food indefinitely. (He likes pears. He likes white wine. He likes the spices I put in it. It's just the combination heated on the stove that's problematic.) But we all gross each other out from time to time, just not enough to put in anti-requests.

If you live with people, what do your housemates make that grosses you out? Is it bad enough for you to ask them to eat it when you're not home, or is it just something you flee from personally? If you live on your own (or with people, why not), was there something your parents ate that was truly vile? (seagrit: there is a limit on how many characters can go into these posts, so just pick a few Dave Favorites. :) ) And what about school cafeterias (college or before): what really grossed you out there? The very thought of my grade school's canned peas is enough to make me glad I've already lunched. What's the worst stuff in your food world?
good mris pic

Inexorable march.

Two more chapters down today, 33 and 50. Sixteen left. I have the numbers scrawled on the top of a piece of paper, scratched out when I finish them. There are notes for the entirely unstarted chapters on the rest of the page.

Entirely unstarted: 31, 52, 62, 65.
Started but unfinished: 30, 34, 47, 48, 53, 54, 55, 56, 58, 59, 61, 63.

See the handicap of my working method? How far along are you, M'ris? Oh, um...well, there's some stuff, see.... And the success of my method: I have not yet had to finish Chapter 30, and I am also not stuck staring at Chapter 30. What's in Chapter 30? Quantum field theory as applied to magic. The problem is (or maybe the blessing is?) the characters don't know that. It just has to happen. So in practical terms, unexplained and unintended magic stuff that freaks the characters out but has a pattern to it. Also some diplomatic stuff, both internally and externally. Not hard, overtly. Not obviously hard. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. (I am not betting the farm.)

I am past the point where I keep reminding myself that I can do this. I'm at the point where I keep reminding myself that I can do other things. My multitasking ability is not up to par. On a normal day I would have finished the laundry. Today I washed jeans and called it good. Instead of hitting all the errands in one fell swoop while I was out today, I went to the bank and Byerly's and came home. I think this is perhaps not a bad thing. I think having non-book things scheduled in is a good thing. I'm having lunch with C.J. tomorrow and am talking to dd_b about popping up to see him later in the week, and they do not count as people and are indulgent of my MRRRRRFs. I told markgritter and timprov that I have no sense of perspective right now and that they need to point it out to me if they see me behaving entirely unreasonably as regards the book or anything else around here.

Even without their intervention, I know it would be better for me to finish reading Mother Aegypt and watch the Daily Show than to work on a third chapter today, so I will.