August 7th, 2004

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Week of August 1-7

Five rejections, no acceptances. The rejections came in clumps: two on Monday, three today. I passed up 100K words on Sampo as I said I would. I feel able to keep going again.

I don't know why I don't get smarter about these things. I feel like I should have someone do a lovely script sign for above my desk, reading, "You do not write sequentially." Because I don't, and usually when I have myself in some kind of funk or dither, it's because I'm trying to push through the next scene in sequence. I don't have to do that. Why? Because I don't write sequentially. I can wander off and write the next shiny thing, because novels are long, and if I end up with The Three Scenes Of Infamy to write in my last few days of drafting a novel, oh well! It's not like it'll be worse than banging my head against a scenic wall when I'm not almost done with the book. Although it seems that 100 kilowords really is almost done with the book, or at least it ought to be. Much of the outline is finished. We're getting there. Slowly but surely. But slowly.

(The funky dither sounds like a horrible, horrible wedding reception dance. I don't have to do that, either.)

In other news, I am still sick, but getting noticeably better each day. I had real food last night for dinner and then again for lunch today. Real food with edges and all. Good thing, too: we had run out of applesauce, and mostly I want it for making applesauce raisin bars, which we just had, so I was not keen on the notion of buying another jar just yet. I had mini-naps twice today. If you needed further indication than my word that I was still sick, you've got it from the naps. Mrissas Don't Nap. Law of nature.

On Thursday morning, markgritter and I are going to Michigan to see seagrit and some other people who must not be important because they don't have livejournals. (It'll be his grandmother's 75th birthday party. We'll also get to see his parents, brother-in-law, aunts, uncles, cousins, and both grandfathers, plus maybe a brother or two. Don't know his brothers' plans.) We'll be home again Sunday afternoon, so with all the family stuff, I don't think we'll be able to try to see merriehaskell. Sorry, Mer! We'll have to wait less than a month for WorldCon to meet up in person.

Less than a month to WorldCon. Oh dear. Does that mean I should be doing something organized about planning?

It means I should be finishing this book, is what it means. (Why? Because then I can say I did. Obviously. V. important. Uh...yeah.) Onwards. With perhaps a nap on the way.
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I've been thinking about compliments (thanks to conversations with tanaise and The Other Mark), so now I'm wondering: what do you like in a compliment? What kind of compliments are easiest for you to accept? What kind are hardest? Or are you good at taking compliments? What kind of compliments do you give, and do they tend to be received well by the people around you?

I mean this both topically (do you have an easier time with compliments to you personally or to something specific you did? with appearance, intellectual stuff, musical stuff, etc.?) and stylistically (how do you do with superlatives, comparatives, understatement, etc.?). And anything else you can think of, I guess.

If you use this to fish for compliments, for heaven's sake make them amuse me.
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Life Here

markgritter: Are you two okay in there?
mrissa: Yes, but we're very funny. [further gales of laughter from timprov and me] We're playing that game of Mr. Brust's, where "I have thought a thought and seen a thing."
markgritter: Was it Gollum's butt?
mrissa: [more laughter] Yes, but with lots more rhymes.

I'm afraid it's always Gollum's butt.