July 28th, 2004

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Near-homonym review

Contrary to what people seem to mishear a good half of the time, we did not go for topless for my birthday dinner on Monday. We went for tapas. I've been overenunciating to try to cure this problem.

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So as I said, it was okay, but we won't really be going back.
good mris pic

Problems With Reading

The obvious problem with reading is getting to do enough of it. So many books etc. etc. I got mostly hardbounds for my birthday, which means fewer books added to the stack per dollar. This is most likely a good thing, considering the state of the stack. And the fact that the stack is actually six stacks right now (two spec fic, one mainstream fic, one nonfic, one library, one borrowed-mostly-from-Stella). Boooooooks. Such good books.

The other problem I'm having is that once I've read something, Collapse )

It's worth it. It is. I love reading anyway. But sometimes I'd like a selective un-read function.