July 26th, 2004

good mris pic


Happy birthday to meeeeee! (And thanks, __angela__, for the lj present.)

I am the only one up so far. So far my birthday presents have included chocolate as mentioned, a spatula, a necklace, a moose pen, and the presence of a bunch of people I enjoy at a picnic at the Falls yesterday. It was lovely weather, and we had waaaaaay too much food. The fridge is alarming just now. As I told Scott this morning on e-mail, it's at the point where I was relieved to finish the o.j. this morning just so that it was no longer taking up room in the fridge. Pitiful.

Gavin: "I'm not going home now." Hee. First full sentence Mark has ever heard out of the child. I missed it, but it still amuses me.

Despite the excess of food, the picnic was just about exactly the right size, enough people for me to feel fêted, not enough for me to feel overwhelmed. Well, not at the time, anyway. I came home, talked to Michelle, and crashed very, very hard.

(This is in part because I was up at 4:00 yesterday morning, running down the stairs to let alecaustin in. Naturally, he wasn't there. But in my dream he had rung the doorbell and was in great distress, and it woke me up confused.)

I'm going to work a little and do birthday stuff today. It will be good. There will be pictures later, when we bother taking them off the camera (and taking more of them today).