June 27th, 2004


Week of June 20-26 (belated)

Two rejections, no acceptances.

Some work on Sampo, mostly longhand, so I don't know how much. Some research reading for same. Some hostly duties and social duties.

I am so very tired. I'm sitting quietly tonight. We had a good time at Marte's wedding to this Tom guy. Got to spend time with a component of The Crowd, which is always nice. Got to spend proportionally more time with Michelle and Scott, which is even nicer. It is time, however, for quiet.

Dried cantelope is nasty. In case you were wondering. Sugar-dipped and awful.

My bridesmaid's dress (for M&S's August wedding) is not nasty. In fact, it's quite nice, and I think I would volunteer to wear it afterwards. We didn't expect the keyhole neckline to be for...er...such a large key. But as very few people have fainted away in horror at the sight of my cleavage, historically speaking, I think we'll be all right.

Universe 4, Elderly Friends/Relatives 1?

We're hoping that the score has changed. Nana* went to Mayo Clinic, had a surgery** that appears to have gone well, and she should be discharged down to her home in Omaha (or at least my aunt Kathy's home in Omaha) before I get there.

Tentative yay!

*Nana is my grandmother on the Italian side. "I didn't know you had an Italian side," says you. It's the my-folks'-best-friends' side of the family, says me. You know, one of the parts of the family with no genetic or legal claim on us.***

**Nana had a hemorrhaging brain aneurism 3 1/2 years ago or so. She came out of it with her personality and everything. This is apparently the case for 0.5% of people with her brain aneurism type. As one of many demonstrations of her intact personality, she refers to this incident dismissively as "my little spell." Her surgery involved eeeeeensy little coils of wire in her brain. Have I mentioned that I love living in the future?

***Ever wonder how I got so many old people? This is part of how. The women in my family have a persistent habit, approaching the point of tradition, of acquiring additional family members outside the usual channels. The other part of how is that my grandmothers came from Norsky farm families, one of 11 children and the other of 13. That calls for a hearty "uff da," I think.