June 23rd, 2004

good mris pic

Question and Answer

I have a journal-reader (of Novel Gazing, not this journal) who's looking for a mystery writing group in the Cities. I have no idea how he'd find one (except going into Uncle Edgar's and asking the nice man back there). I think spec fic people have it easy compared to other genres. I like being a spoiled geekgirl, but it doesn't make me more helpful, is the thing. Are any of you helpful?

greykev headed out yesterday after supper and has notified me of his safe arrival in Emporia. It was a good visit, I think. Many happy outings, some quiet moments at home. Also he got to meet some of our friends, which was good, and in settings where he actually could get a sense of them. (Many of my friends from different places as of '99 met at Mark's and my wedding, but it was a largeish wedding, and there was very little opportunity to get a sense of who was who and from where and why. And the Crowd is something of a monolith at events like that.)

timprov is making cheese. We'll see how that works.

I have a large-ish post office run in my near future. Melvin the Laundry Monster is on the attack. My brain has switched into a mode I'm calling book-religious: that is, I have a sense of how much grander than I am the world of books is, how far beyond my comprehension the number of volumes available. Boooooooooks. Some of them even mine. So good.

And now I'm back to being able to work on my books, more or less. The grands will be in for brunch or lunch tomorrow, and I'll check in with C.J. after that. Mark and I have tickets for "Pirates of Penzance" tomorrow. porphyrin and hers are coming over Friday night since they couldn't Monday and we still like each other etc. We've got a Duluth run to make, up Saturday and down Sunday. I need to fetch my mower back at some point, and it would be a shame if I saw no one in the process. I owe Rachel a lunch date, Heathah some coffee, Em a phone call, everyone a party. There are my parents to go see, my cousins to call, my aunties to check in with. But in and around and through all that is my book, mine, and I get to write it, and that makes me happy.

That was a lot of answers for not very many questions. If you have some questions, I may provide answers to them. Or more questions. Fire at will. Or leave the poor guy alone and fire at me.