June 12th, 2004

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Week of June 6-12

The mailbeing has come and gone, leaving us timprov's health insurance information, finally, but no rejections or acceptances for me. Putting the week's tally at one rejection, no acceptances. I have somehow offended the postal deities, I swear it. This would be a very good time for me to return to a spate of acceptances. Really. Any postal deities who are listening may take note.

Lots of contract work done and little fiction. But some, some. Finnish Art Over the Centuries was not nearly so useful as Modern Finnish Sculpture -- painters are not so important in Sampo, or rather, not the kind of painting covered in Finnish Art Over the Centuries, since folk art was not much in it. The last of the contract work goes out this afternoon, and then it'll be back to Sampo and short stories for me.

I've been rereading Rose In Bloom, because I remember liking it best because the geekboy was the romantic lead. (I knew who was "us" and who was "them" pretty early.) It's an odd mix for me: I still do like Mac, but the book seems so frightfully obvious to me that I wonder how the ending ever surprised me. I think it's because I was so used to the geek not getting the girl/guy. By the age of 6 or 7 I was used to it. Yikes.

Oh, and there was this that amused me, though I don't think being rich, pretty, or romantic is necessary:
"Some people would consider Dr. Alec an overcareful man, but Rose felt that he was right, and when she said her prayers that night, added a meek petition to be kept from yielding to three of the small temptations which beset a rich, pretty, and romantic girl -- extravagance, coquetry, and novel reading." Heh. Oops. I do believe that's a perfect score, there.
good mris pic


I don't think I'll have computer access until we return Monday morning. Anything urgent you need me to know should be relayed through timprov or someone else who has our cell phone number.