May 27th, 2004

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Different plans entirely

Those of you who have friended me or who have read my real journal this morning already know this: Mark's grandmother is not doing well. She's being moved to hospice care. We talked about it last night and decided that we really couldn't imagine that we'd regret going to see her this weekend, and we might very well regret not going. Even if it turns out that she's not well enough to communicate. Even if we arrive too late.

So. Instead of having Mark's folks in for the weekend, Mark and I are leaving today when he's done working. We're driving to Milwaukee, staying over with his folks, and then heading on to Grand Rapids with his mother in the morning. We'll spend Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning/afternoon in GR. We'll drive back late Saturday and have some time to spend with Mark's dad Sunday before we come home Monday.

All of this is subject to change if Grandma Lyzenga's condition changes. I'll have some internet/e-mail access over the weekend. I won't be updating my real journal, but I may do a quick note here if anything happens that seems to require it. I also won't likely be writing lengthy e-mails after midafternoon today, so if you want to catch up on e-mail with me, now's your chance. You can still reach me if you have something important. Or if you write to timprov or comment on his journal, I'll be in touch with him about our plans, and he can pass information to me.

Today is Mark's birthday. Tomorrow is his mom's birthday.

We're trying to plan for all reasonable contingencies. I can't say it's a great time, but I think we're doing the right thing to go over there.
good mris pic

Two Postscripts

1) I want to thank all of you who have been reassuring about our decision to go this weekend and all of you who have expressed your good wishes for my family and Mark's side of it in specific. I really value your support and (particularly, for reasons I don't want to go into here and now) your reassurance. Thank you. Very, very much.

2) I'm absolutely and non-sarcastically sure that it is a coincidence that the things I packed for comfort reading are all by Minnesotans. Still: Teckla, Brothers in Arms, The Secret Country, and Growing Up Weightless. Strange, that. (I picked those particular volumes of Brust and Bujold because that's where I am in my rereading of those two series, not because they're any more favorite than Orca and Cetaganda.)

(In my head, I now hear pameladean's inflections when I read the dialog she's written. It's very like having her read me a bedtime story. I mentally snuggle into the covers and relax. I never was put to sleep by bedtime stories, so that part isn't a problem. My poor Aunt Doris would try to get me to read to put me to sleep. Hah.)

Take care. Hug your old people if you can.