May 9th, 2004

good mris pic

Week of May 2-8 (a little late)

One rejection. One. Pathetic. And no acceptances.

On the work front, I finished "Five Brothers Underground," wrote around 3K of Sampo (I don't know exactly because a good bit of it is longhand), and worked on "Even Without Deceit" and "Family Leave." And was sick, sick, sick. But I'm doing better now, just tired out. Tiredy tiredy tiredy. But better.

The folks and the grands arrived Friday in time for a late dinner, eight of us (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Mark, Timprov, C.J., and me). We hung out and Mom opened the last of her birthday presents (she turned 50 on Monday) and showed me what she got from Daddy. I liked it much better the next morning when she told me it was Canadian. (Cartel Diamonds Bad. Canadian Diamonds Good.) Yesterday we picked out a nice gas grill (Grandma wanted to buy us one as a housewarming, and we hadn't gotten around to it), failed to buy Roo a birthday present, had Bridgeman's ice cream, walked around Lake of the Isles, petted puppies, and ate an awesome dinner at Kieran's. We hadn't been to Kieran's before. It rocked.

We're going to avoid Mother's Day crowds today by inaugurating the new grill. Mom says they'll probably leave in the mid-afternoon, so I'll either try to get back to working then or crash hard and get some more rest. Both have some appeal.