April 17th, 2004

good mris pic

Week of April 11-17

This week:
--2K words of Not The Moose
--bunches of edits on Reprogramming
--picking at short stories
--(mumble) words on The Dune in the Forest, which I'm not writing right now, nor even next, nor probably even after that. Stupid book. Stupid brain. This is what happens when I have company after MiniCon: my brain gets all flustered and can't find its current project with a torch and a native guide. (But work is work.)

Rejections: 3. Sales: 1, just now: Monthly Short Stories wants "Under the Masks." Okay! Although I have to say the mag title sounds a little fake to me. "Um, sure...I've been in lots of magazines." "Like what?" "Like, uh...Monthly Short Stories! Yeah! That was a good one!"

It's been a good day today, featuring Rice Paper and Uncle Hugo's and Whole Foods and Sebastian Joe's. Also featuring Stella and Roo. We may be kidnapping them more often in the next few weekends so that Mike can study for his exams. Poor Mike. We came home and put Timprov to bed, and Mark and Ceej and I will have a crashy relaxing evening, possibly with a movie or possibly with cribbage or possibly with everybody lost in their own pages/screens and quietly content.

Also, if this trend continues, I will be wearing nothing at all by the weekend my cousin gets married. I'm wearing less than last weekend, and I spent last Saturday thinking, "I know this dress was a good inch longer last week...." You notice that this did not mean I left it home and wore something else to the con. I am not that kind of girl.