Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Eaten by tomatoes. Please send help.

Mercy, Maudie, and Mathilda, do we have green tomatoes. I'm not even done bringing in the green tomatoes, and we're already overstocked. I'm not sure where I'll even find places to put them all to let them ripen without stacking them three and four deep -- probably out on the sun porch, but I'll be using the table out there for drying the herbs as well. Uff da, uff da.

I've finished some short story revision work that needed doing, and I had coffee with Ginger, and that's about as much as I've got in me for just now. The Poetic Edda and I are having a nice time together, but it gets a bit crowded in here to have commentary tracks from Soldrun Hjordisdottir and Sorkvir Sturlasson, separated by 400 years and a gulf of cynicism, with quite different personal relationships with their gods. So it's slow going, and I'm taking refuge in Hellspark, about which I only have to think with one brain. Good slow going. But slow.
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