Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Much better.

I got a nap in this morning already and am doing much better. Seems like time for a list of good things, starting with:

--The dog no longer feels the need to dance on my head every time I lie down. So I can take a nap with my dog. This is cozy.

--The Thai place near us finally became willing to serve markgritter and me dinner again. I think this was the third or fourth time we'd tried them recently, and they'd been closed all the other times. So I have black bean beef leftovers in the fridge, lo, abundantly.

--While I don't usually observe birthdays, I'm listing good things today, and I will note that it's awfully convenient that seagrit did happen to get born, because otherwise I wouldn't have a sister-in-law, and that's the closest thing either of us got to having a sister. Only we just get the fun bits and not the memories of how the other person always got the front seat and popped our balloon that one time.

--I have new pens for marking on manuscripts and index cards. They are not as schmancy and long-term-lovable as my fountain pen, but they are darker colors than my last set, and they're new and shiny, green and red and purple.

--The rest of the forecast for the week here has highs beginning with the number 5, which is a perfectly respectable number for an October high to begin with, even if it does mean the likelihood of picnics for me just now is rather small.

--Cool showers. I have become more fond of hot showers than I was as a kid/teenager, but I still like cool showers best when the weather permits them.

--And: L'shanah tovah and Ramadan mubarak, folks. I really love living in a city where the article about the coincidence of holidays has a picture of Jewish and Muslim girls standing around talking and laughing.

What's your good stuff for the day?
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