Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Hazards of being the Mris

Usually I have more patience than timprov for those days when my friendslist has contentless squeeing about something I don't care about. But I am currently scoring Grumpy Mushroom right along with him. Quote whatever you like -- Shakespeare, Joss Whedon, whatever -- but remember that I didn't friend your livejournal for their words but for yours. Say something of your own along with it. Please.


I've said before and will say again: my non-sequential method of writing novels has some drawbacks. Yesterday's was: "'[character] said nothing'? Of course he said nothing! He's been dead for ten chapters now!" Sigh. This is why I am the only one who reads my first drafts, people.

Tired. Going to read, maybe work on Sampo, maybe doze on the couch with the dog. This is, after all, why I have a dog: to make me sit down for awhile.
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