Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Tired but fine.

So far today:
--timprov's neurologist appointment went smoothly
--we picked up swatches of fabric to match paint to the sofa(s) we're ordering
--we had good lunch
--we walked the beastlet and saw turning sumac (Sumac! FALL!)
--we arranged for T's CPAP
--we watched the BNL "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" video again
--I worked on Sampo some more
--I read some New Scientist
--I talked to my Dad and my cousin Catherine
--I found out that my friends got out of Houston and are now getting back into Houston and have only minimal damage

Getting by. Almost could-be-worse.

And the Aesir noir novel is making noises in the corners of my brain. I have to poke at about 400 years of worldbuilding for it, which should be a nice break after Sampo stuff.

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