Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


scottjames is definitely married. I was there.

Sadly, I am no longer there; had to crash before the dancing started. Which kind of sucked but was better than not getting to go at all. The bride was lovely, the groom has always looked good in a tux, and he's the person who has known how to make me smile for pictures for longer than anyone else. And I got to get hugs and also spend time talking to greykev, whom I generally miss.

I probably should have intuited this rule before, but now I know from evidence: golf carts give the right-of-way to bagpipers.

The purple dress had a minor malfunction but is otherwise fine: there were snaps and little threads to keep it aligned with bra straps, and one of them broke. This did not mean that I flashed scottjames's wedding reception anything more than a line of bra strap the same color as the dress, though, so all was well.

Kerthump. More later on this and other subjects.

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