Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of September 11-17

Three rejections, one hold request.

I am eating angelsuppa. Mmmmmm, angelsuppa. With Ghirardelli chips, even. And I'm almost done, and the whole bowl has tasted like angelsuppa and not like gasoline, which is what my mouth tasted like earlier.

Also I hear tell the Twins won laurel's wedding. I call that considerate.

timprov and I are going to hear the Indigo Girls tonight.

I like my new icon. It's from when we were in Bath. I'm not getting rid of the Reading Mrissa icon, but I'm going to use it for more reading-specific stuff. Which may end up being most of the time. I'm through all of the Wednesday pictures from our trip to London (in *cough* early July, as some of you may recall), leaving only Thursday and Friday. I haven't posted Monday through Wednesday yet. Soon. There may be new iconage from Thursday and Friday. There's another new icon from Wednesday I have dubbed "getting by," because it's amazing how different expressions look when taken out of context.

I think I will write an e-mail instead of visiting more free association upon you just now. You're welcome.

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