Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of September 4-10

No acceptances, no rejections, no nothin'. Dry as the proverbial bone around here. Am trying to fight the urge to make up obligations to write more short stories; novel revisions are a good idea, and this is not the time for me to make up new obligations for myself.

I've changed the title and subtitle of this lj, with a bit at the beginning of the bio that makes it a little more sensible. When I got this lj, it was just to read and post on gaaneden's; when I started posting, I thought of it as sort of an annex to novel_gazing, which was of course my real journal, so the title reflected that. Now it looks an awfully lot more like this is my real journal, and besides, the book ksumnersmith sent for my birthday is interesting and amusing me today. Probably more on that sometime soon; some of the lines in it are too good not to share. (The book in question is Tony Griffith's Scandinavia: At War With Trolls, and it's lovely. Nonfiction, not an alternate history.)

(And speaking of which, does anybody else read New Scientist? And was anybody else as annoyed with their totally lame alternate history issue? I'm beginning to think that alternate history should be like driving: you should have to pass some basic tests to be allowed out on the roads with it. Sheesh. I think it's my current nomination for "easiest subgenre to royally screw up," although I will, of course, entertain alternate nominations in the space below.)

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