Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"She's so unhip, when you say Dylan...

...she thinks you're talkin' 'bout Dylan Thomas. Whoevah he was."*

Sampo now has sections. With Dylan Thomas titles. This is totally inappropriate for any audience but myself, and I will call them "Part One," "Part Two," and "Part Three" on the manuscript itself. (Or else I will actually put in material to support their use. Probably not, though: Part Two's title is secretly a plot point spoiler for anyone who can complete the line that starts with "Rage, rage," which is most people, yah? porphyrin for sure has made the connection that would make this possibly spoilery, and some of the rest of you critiquers may have as well.)

I'm secretly all proud and squirmy: I've never had sections before! I thought I had sections before, but what I had was a trilogy masquerading as a single book. Well, sort of a trilogy. A duology with a related stand-alone work. I am neither allergic nor married to the t-word.

But sections! I've got 'em. And they are not a trilogy in disguise. They are sections. Structure. Whee.

Also I got to the chapter with the rain of toads today. Some idiot appears not to have written a couple of chapters that go before it, but never mind that: I love the rain of toads. It makes me so happy. It has lines like, "Edward would not have thought it would hurt so much to be pelted with toads." Also it is the precursor of the rain of frogs, which makes me even happier. And the mouse tornado. Bitey bitey squee squee. Yay.

Books ought to make someone happy sometime, and I don't see why it shouldn't be me and today.

*My friend Christopher made me so happy. I was sitting in my college cafeteria by myself, reading, when Christopher and some other friends came in. "What are you reading?" Chris asked. I said, "Dylan Thomas. You know, 'he's so unhip, when you say Dylan, he thinks you're talkin' 'bout Dylan Thomas.'" And Christopher nodded wisely and said, "'Whoevah he was.'" I said, "'The man ain't got no culchah.'" And then squealed. Because of all the Simon and Garfunkel songs people my age can be expected to know, that one was not on the list.

I stuck Dylan Thomas poems up on the bathroom walls at college, along with Japanese characters I was learning. The CF (what most colleges call an RA) seemed quietly alarmed by the prospect of people reading lines like this on the john; she put up perky quotes about the value of education, backed on brightly colored construction paper. Sometimes a liberal arts education is a beautiful thing, and sometimes it is a royal pain in the ass. If you are going to quote Plato on education, for heaven's sake make sure you know what else he said about it, or some snarky child who is more liberal arts than thou will delight in telling you in some detail.

It amazed me how many people picked a liberal arts college and didn't really mean it. But that, oh, that is a digression for another day.

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