Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Tuesday afternoon update

I am not magically fixed from my neurologist visit, but there's stuff for him to look at. And also I am obscurely cheered that I live in a town where there is a Granlund sculpture outside "our" hospital. (Granlund was sculptor-in-residence at my college -- pictures here -- and while I didn't like all of his statues -- why were they trying to snap that poor baby's neck? -- he has a familiar look I found comforting.)

My special writer magic is getting more confusing: I deposited a check today, so another came in the mail. That's the special writer magic. The problem is, I'm not quite clear on what either of them was for. They're from the appropriate people but not in anything like the appropriate amounts. They're either overpaying me for one item or underpaying me for multiple, and the invoices are less than clear. I suppose I'll wait and see what else is forthcoming.

Julian May ate my head and introduced me to the concept of fandom when I was 12 and read Intervention, so I bought Conqueror's Moon with a birthday gift card and started reading it last night. It was the only thing with me at the neurologist's office. This was a mistake. I said the N fatal words again (some formulation of "I don't care about these people," although "this isn't even bad" might apply here). Very sad. Now I've put it in the basket and am reading Dorothy Dunnett's next Niccolo book when I'm not working on Sampo edits.

On that last: every day a revelation and all that. In the bit I was reading today, Edward says, "I'm looking forward to seeing how I make it all work," and I see what he means.

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