Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Good things

1. I am feeling good enough to drive short distances. Which means (in absence of another downswing) that I don't have to make markgritter take off work to take me to the neurologist's tomorrow. Which is good, just from a theoretical standpoint: if you can't drive yourself to the doctor, you must be really sick, whereas if you can, you must be mostly all right really, deep down. (I know, I know. But it makes me happy, so let me go with it.)

The only problem with this is that I keep mistaking "better" for "good," kind of by contrast, and have pretty much knocked myself over a couple of times today. Ah well; even "better" is, well, better.

2. I am the funniest mrissa in the whole house. I made a joke that involved the Winter Olympics, the NHL, "Real Genius," and Bab5 all in one line. (The delivery was important, or I would share.) I may also be the geekiest mrissa in the whole house. I would not bet against it, if it came to that.

3. And hey, there will be Winter Olympics! And hockey! And not just hockey at the Winter Olympics! I can hardly wait. There is a C on the sleeve of my Leafs jersey, and that C stands for "content."

4. Also, the light is starting to go all goldeny and slanty. I love fall. Fall is the best time to be in Minnesota. I come alive again in the fall. Intellectually I understand all of the summer/green things symbolism, but emotionally it doesn't resonate with me. Give me long, cold nights and just a hint of the smell of snow to come. Also I start to wear my own clothes again in the fall, as opposed to the very nice stranger's clothes I wear all summer. (This has actually started a bit early with not feeling well: I'm reaching for jeans when otherwise I would be wandering around in tiny bits of cotton still.) It's not that I don't like my summer clothes. I have some really great summer clothes. It's that they don't feel like mine.

5. missista is Such A Good Girl. This morning timprov had his feet propped up, and she jumped up and put her front paws and her head on them, and then she did not bite them. She licked his ankles a bit wildly, and then went and bit a toy, but his feet she left alone. And there was much rejoicing in the land.

6. Cautiously, I think I like this book I am revising. Sampo, only I need to call it something different. But really I think I do. I will just take out the bits that suck, and then I will put in some more cool bits, and then everything will be happy. And I am not required to tear my hair, gnash my teeth, or in any other way indicate woe. So: yay.

(Actually this is part of how I revise, this early on: I write in the margin, "Sucks! Smthng cool HERE." And then, well, I go and put cool things in wherever it says that. No one requires eloquence in margin notes to oneself.)

7. I am really hungry. This is a good thing. I am hungry for black bean beef and a chocolate malt. Not simultaneously. I have indications that I may get these very things, if I go put my shoes on. So I guess you lose out on more good things for now. Sorry about that, but not dreadfully sorry.
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