Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of June 13-19

Two rejections, no acceptances, and several days off that were genuine days off and not days when I tried to work and failed. I'm looking forward to some work next week, though, maybe even this weekend while greykev is doing other stuff (he's very self-entertaining).

Yesterday, porphyrin got an unexpected husband -- her unexpected husband, I should probably say -- so we moved our plans to Monday so she could get some family time in before she went on call in the stupid hospital that's making her sad. (I get fierce about things that make porphyrin sad. GRRRR! Fear my fierceness, Fairview! Say that five times fast!) We're going to go down to Nina's, where we hauled poor dd_b without warning him that there would be a lounge singer with a heavy Russian accent, because Roo's Auntie Eleanor thought this would be good fun. But that's Monday. Yesterday greykev and I went to Como, the Zoo and the Park and especially the Conservatory, and then we and timprov and C.J. ate at Fat Lorenzo's.

Today I got a long-expected husband (mine), dropped him off home to sleep a bit, and took Kev to Byerly's and Lock And Dam No. One. Tonight we're cooking.

I had not been to Lock And Dam No. One (on the Mississippi). It is nifty. It makes me happy in ways I can't really explain. There are the gears and the walks and the River and the locks dam...see, I know that isn't particularly edifying. But it's just good, is what. I came up with going when we got to the River from the Falls Thursday night -- I looked at the River and said, "Lock And Dam Number One!" in a flummoxed voice. Because I've read Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary, is probably why. It hadn't occurred to me that JG&R was set in Mpls because Mpls is so much the archetype of what cities are like to me that all of the Mpls-specific stuff in it just seemed to be the way the world works, the first time I read it. But then it hit me that we, like Rosemary's Girl Scout troop, could go to Lock and Dam No. One. I'm glad we did.

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