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more to do

matociquala is being sensible over here. Go read.

Slightly related, one of the things that keeps me going in a novel submission process that seems interminable is the conviction that editors really do want to find good books. That editors are not the enemies of authors. Yes, they need to pick and choose; yes, they will reject lots of books; yes, they will probably reject books that don't begin well even if those books become awesome in Chapter 6. But if I didn't believe that editors are fundamentally eager for good books, it would be a good deal harder to keep on with all this. That they're actually looking for the good stuff, not just on a fault-finding mission.

My appetite has wandered off again. If you've spotted my appetite wandering around somewhere, do let me know where it is, and if possible, get it confined in a box or your backyard or something so I can come pick it up. I have fresh cherry tomatoes right off the vine, still warm from the sun. I have a box of Dan's with some of the fruit ones* still left. I have schmancy cheese. I have chili. I have those funky root vegetable chips I like. Do I care? Meh. I do not. I even went and got sandwiches for me and the timprov, and I only hope that he can move himself to care, because the tomato basil bread is not calling my name in the slightest, not even after I smelled it.

Must do today:
Clean strawberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes, corn
Cook scallops, pasta, corn
Bake peaches
Fetch doglet back from groomer
Clean bathrooms
Take five damn minutes to just breathe
Walk missista
Wash dishes
***I will note that I was not supposed to add to this category!

Really should try to do today:
Wash darks, lights, towels
Finish edits to "Carter Hall Recovers the Puck"
Post new novel_gazing
Bake bread
Implement at least two items from the Thermionic Night list
Read another chapter of Sampo with screamy pink pen in hand (err, two and a half, actually, so I guess that explains why there are so many things on the "must do" list still)

Would like to do today:
Read yhlee's story
Call grands (sort of done: left a message)

Write to Crazy Aunt
Post Sunday pictures from trip to London
Post about missista to make ellameena happy
Work on SF shorts for mechaieh and gaaldine

*Why are Americans so sucky at fruit chocolates, compared to the rest of the world? WHY? The English can do them. The French, the Germans, the Belgies, the Swedes and the Norsk, the Russians. I hear the Hungarians like mad. Heaven knows who else, but my assumption is everybody but us. WHY? A good orange chocolate is a thing of such beauty!
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