Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of August 7-13

One acceptance (as noted yesterday), one rejection. The rejection was on a pastiche that's now getting trunked, and the rejection letter made it clear that the editors doing the rejecting had not read the author I was referencing. Which is fine: nobody can read everything etc., though heaven knows some of us try. But it somehow feels better to read, "While this was a very fine [author] pastiche, it ended too abruptly" or something else that indicates that the flaws in the story are mine, or that the editor knows what I was trying and just didn't like it.

I'm doing better with food in the last few days. I've been actively looking forward to things I get to eat. Today I had Prince Caspian for lunch! How much of a badass fantasy author does that make me, that I eat Prince Caspian for lunch? (timprov's mom gave us a Pink Caspian tomato from her garden. "A Prince Caspian tomato!" I exclaimed. "Pink," she said. I flapped my hand at her impatiently: do not bother me with these trifles, woman, I am enjoying the moment! She laughed and gave in: "Sure, a Prince Caspian tomato, why not.") I sliced it up and sliced up fresh mozzarella and could not manage to get out to get the basil before I started devouring it with salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar. Ohhhhhhh the joy. I love fancy tomatoes. I also love the plain kind when they're fresh from the garden. Tomatoes. Mmmmm. Also I had tomato basil soup at dinner last night. I will try to eat something caustic soon to balance things out, but I make no guarantees.
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