Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Day With Stuff In

Today greykev and I went to Uncle Hugo's, Dreamhaven, Rice Paper, Wild Rumpus, Sebastian Joe's (twice -- once for eat-there and once to take home some of the blueberry ice cream in a pint for later), Lake of the Isles, and Whole Foods. Then we came home and fetched timprov, went to C.J.'s and fetched C.J., and headed to First Course, the Falls, and Bridgeman's. (I know, we are the most dreadfully decadent people that ever were.)

It has been a happy first day in Minneapolis for the Kev. He is impressed and overwhelmed. The Falls were beautiful, much much much fuller than they were when we saw them last fall in the drought. So is the River. Such a good thing. Very happy heart. We'll see if the pictures come out when we have time for them.

The less happy part of the day has been coming: Carl (Mother and the grands' old friend) died in the night. Mother is trying to find out when the funeral is. We'll probably see them when they're up here for that. We're waiting to find out now.

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