Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

To do list

Last night I dreamed I was lost in South Dakota and was attempting to get directions from a nanotech-embedded baseball and could not find misia. The sad thing about this is that if only it had been laurel instead of misia, I would have considered the whole thing to make sense, at least internally. It was not a restful night.

Things that absolutely must be done today:
--Target run
--Wrap B. presents
--Order O. flowers
--Call grands
--Pay bill

--Go to dinner

Things I probably should do today lest I regret it later:
--clean kitchen
--Walk dog
--Bank run
--Pick up framed whatsit

--Do "Carter Hall" edits for Nice, Sensible On Spec Editor
--Wash jeans&socks, towels, sheets
--Find markets for two short stories and send out
--Order other thing for don't you get nosy, odds are only 1/224 that it's you
--Order other other thing, okay, so 2/224, still, extremely slight odds, especially since both of these are for specific events
--clean bathrooms

Things I want to do today anyway:
--continue work on thing mechaieh mugged me with, thank you so much grumble mumble harumph
--write to crazy aunt #1
--call crazy aunt #2
--poke at least two items on Thermionic Night beta revisions sublist into submission
--read some more of Crossing the Line

Oh, the glamour. Oh, the excitement

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