Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

One more thing, and then I'll stop spamming the friendslist. Really.

I ran out my red pen today. Luckily I have another in backup -- well, that's not actually luck, that's a personality trait. But still. I remember someone -- but I don't remember who -- being fascinated that I was running a pen out. "You don't run pens out!" she said. (I remember gender, at least.) "You never keep them long enough to run them out! You always lose them first!" But I don't. I keep a death grip on them until the last dregs leave their skinny little rollerball bodies. Except for the fountain pens, and I keep even more of a death grip on those, and change the cartridges frequently.

Still, only 18 pages into Sampo and already a pen has died for the cause. I suspect that can't be a good omen.
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