Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Grump grump grouch

Still no call from any doctors, which is a Good Thing. (Well, if porphyrin called we wouldn't be upset, but that's different.)

The fence people called and said they're finishing our fence tomorrow. Both woo and hoo, I believe.

I have run out of the energy required to be genuinely cheerful about any of this reasonable, good stuff. All kinds of good stuff going on -- I got the invitation to scottjames's wedding, the dog is behaving well, I'm in the middle of a moderately entertaining book, with the prospect of more later -- and still I am a grump.

I will have to get over it by tomorrow, because tomorrow markgritter and I are going down to Omaha to introduce my grands to Ista, and grouching at the grands over nothing is not on my agenda. (Not that grouching at markgritter, timprov, or Ista was on the agenda, but it's harder to hole up in one's office from almost 400 miles away.) We will have connectivity all weekend (except for the drives) but may or may not have much time for using it; we'll see. We're planning a lazy weekend.

Since about dinnertime, I've been asking myself, "How much more of today do I have to get through?" And the answer right now seems to be "almost none." Yay. Anybody else have cheerful weekend thises and thats?
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